Stray dogs are beaten to death in china to “stop” spread of coronavirus

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Footage has emerged of a Chinese community officer savagely beating a defenceless stray dog to death with a large wooden club, claiming to “Prevent the coronavirus from spreading”.

As The death toll from the Coronavirus hits 1,019 Chinese citizens throughout mainland China, the fears of the disease spreading by stray and domesticated Animals is manifested.

Horrified citizens in the city of Nanchong, Sichuan Province were witness to a brutal attack which involved a stray dog being brutally beaten to death with a large wooden club by a community officer. Sources claim the stray dog had bitten a resident and caused havoc.

A shocked resident filmed the entire incident which is too graphic to be shown, which shows the officer beating a medium sized dog repeatedly with a large wooden club, the officers actions have been condemned by animal rights groups as being “cruel” and “atrocious”.

The citizens residing the the complex where the incident took place were later instructed by officers to keep their pets indoors and that no pets were allowed outside.

‘As long as [we] see a dog in the complex, no matter if it is on the lead or not, we will beat it to death,’ the officers were quoted saying.

The footage later shows one of the two dogs which was beaten to death being taken away by a man on a scooter.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) has stated that there has been no evidence to suggest the coronavirus can be spread by cats and dogs at this time.

As cats and dogs become increasingly popular as pets in mainland China there has been a rise in Chinese citizens taking a stand against animal cruelty.

The infamous Yulin dog and cat meat festival which is held every year in July has in recent years faced condemnation from Chinese citizens and Animal lovers from around the globe for its abhorrent cruelty to cats and dogs.

These dogs are crammed together in poor conditions and sold at various dog meat markets in Yulin, China for the dog and cat meat festival.

The festival sees over 40,000 cats and dogs killed, butchered and eaten by attendees every year. A Petition by the International Animal Foundation (IAF) has gained over 83,000 signatures urging the Chinese Minister to end the horrific dog and cat meat festival.

So far the coronavirus epidemics death toll has reached 1,019 lives with 43,140 people in 28 countries and territories around the world infected with the majority of those cases being in China.

17 thoughts on “Stray dogs are beaten to death in china to “stop” spread of coronavirus

  1. Dat ze zelf eens wat meer hygiëne moesten hebben dat zou veel beter zijn…en stoppen met elk levend wezen op te eten en te doden !!!!

  2. Sick brutality.. The LIVE animal markets are to blame in China, exotic, rare, endangered, dogs and cats kept in cramped cages, brutally murdered And confined, rate everywhere.. China is paying for its cruelty and I am glad. When will they see that the are one of cruelist countries, all of Asia.. Sick.. Karma….


  4. Typical chinks
    Blame poor defenceless animals for a virus of their own making
    A making caused by yes you guessed it
    Animal markets

  5. Savages! Hate these countries and practices! Barbaric and needress
    It’s mother nature and the universe dealing out karma with this virus !

  6. Unfortunately Karma very seldom has any effect or bearing, it is no more than wishful thinking.
    Just nuke the phucking country and make sure the virus is eliminated. It’s the only way to be sure!

  7. Scum! If they didn’t want to eat every animal in sight then the world wouldnt be experiencing this coronaviurs that is now a pandemic. Shame on them… these poor dogs are now suffering throw no fault of their on as usual, it is shocking.

  8. You have to understand these are creatures not humans , some of the things they do boggle a humans mind yet these little demented clown like trolls do it w a cigarette hanging out of thier ugle faces ! This will not stop until they are all dead .I’m praying God has answered my prayers and these tiny fucktards all die slowly .

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