Pangolins on the verge of extinction as demand for meat and scales on the rise in Asia

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As the demand for the Pangolins meat and scales is rising higher than ever in Asia, poachers are employing an array of sophisticated methods to avoid detection and arrest

Today the docile and endangered Pangolin has sadly earned the title of Most trafficked mammal in the world thanks largely to the ever rising demand for the animals meat and scales which are used in traditional Chinese medicines which are thought to cure ailments and disease.

Although Pangolins have been listed as a protected species in China since November 2018, the demand for their scales and meat has grown significantly on the Chinese, Hong Kong and Vietnamese black markets.

It is estimated that over 2.7 Million Pangolins are killed and trafficked from Africa every year. There are currently eight species of Pangolins with four found in Africa and the remaining four found in Asia.

According to National Geographics out of the eights species of Pangolins the Giant pangolin, ground pangolin, white-bellied, and black-bellied pangolin are all listed as vulnerable.

To date the largest ever seizure of illegally trafficked pangolin scales was in Singapore when a shipment containing 12.7 tonnes of scales was seized. The shipment was travelling from Nigeria to Vietnam and it is estimates they belonged to 36,000 pangolins which were Killed and scaled.

In Chinese medicine, pangolin scales are removed by boiling the animal which loosens them, the scales are then dried and crushed into a powder which is believed to have medicinal and healing properties when ingested.

Pangolin scales are made up of keratin, a structural protein which is found abundant in human hair, skin and nails which has the ability to self assemble into bundles of fibres with the help of the amino acid called cysteine.

The punishment for trafficking pangolins or their body parts in Hong Kong is 10 years in jail and HK$10 Million (AUD $1,930,000).

22 thoughts on “Pangolins on the verge of extinction as demand for meat and scales on the rise in Asia

    God sees everything

    Animals are living creatures


    Individuals killed by the policies and legislation of the Third Reich and animals are still killed by the policies and stupid heartless persons. DO NOT BE CRUEL. DO NOT KILL.
    Prison until death for person who are cruel to animals and who kill animals

    No violence

    1. Well that doesn’t solve the problem since whipping that area out will kill all those unique animals too! 🤦🏼‍♀️ And it makes you no better than the people who criminally harm animals! That area is extremely ass backwards low income & low education, so they still believe in a lot of “old” ideas that animals & their byproduct can heal issues! Scientific education is what they need! But it’s hard because their beliefs are deep rooted! Even if there’s zero evidence to their beliefs working or being true! It’s like going back to the Middle Ages to tell them that blood letting won’t cure all of life’s ailments! It takes a lot of proof and education through generations, unfortunately it’s a slow process in such third world areas! With all the technology and science in the world, even America still has people who belief in crazy ideas like you have to leave and return in the same door, or don’t break a Mirror 7 yrs bad luck, don’t let a black cat cross your path etc!

      1. Omg ALL of Asia is not third world. Your comment is just as ignorant. The technology in places like Japan and Korea are light years ahead of the US.

        Also, the US abuses so many more animals on a higher scale. Factory Farming? Hello? No matter what part of the world, it’s all horrible and inexcusable, but let’s not act like the US is blameless. We are just better at hiding it and also better at sticking our noses up at other foreign countries.

  2. china. this is no longer accepted. Animals are not food they are sharing this existence, which means they have rights and by introducing an ALL OVER ban and teaching other plant based formulas that are far more capable to providing the correct healing without killing anything. Thank you

  3. Far Eastern countries have the most disgusting tastes in food, and revel in the killing of the poor animals they consume in huge numbers. When will it end??

  4. China the cursed land. When there’s so much to live on why dogs,cats,monkeys so on and so forth??

    Unless they give up n repent death befall by welcoming thee willingly…

  5. Why is this happening?? This is a crime. Police and people of your country, stand up and stop the butchering of your animals. You will have consequences later, if not now. You can not continue these murders.

  6. Chinese are horrible humans. They drive animals to the brink of extinction based on undocumented claims. They need to just leave wildlife alone m

  7. These are innocent creatures with every right to live on Earth without interference. Why don’t these losers find an ethical way to live? They are the most degraded, disgusting excuses for human beings. Shameful.

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