‘Horrific’ Wet Markets Trading in Wild Animals despite Warning

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WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: The disturbing images and details emerging from wet markets in South-East Asia and Africa which can only be described as ‘Horrific’

Although we are still learning about the COVID-19 Virus, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) along with many other organisations have stated the Virus originated from an animal source. Despite the un-refutable evidence of the viruses origination, wet markets in Africa and South-East Asia continue to trade in Wild animals.

Wet markets in West Africa have been pictured selling a variety of exotic Animals including Pangolins, monkey heads, exotic birds, pythons and various other snakes to name a few.

Animal welfare organisation World Animal Protection told News sources that wet markets selling wildlife continued to operate as normal in togo and Benin regions, West of Africa.

Cassandra Koenen who is the head of WAP Wildlife campaigns issued a statement calling for the markets to be closed .

“This lack of hygiene combined with direct human contact can create a breeding ground for existing and emerging infectious diseases, such as COVID-19,” – Cassandra Koenen

She also went on to state “Wild animals belong in the wild, not in conditions like the ones found at these voodoo markets. and that “These conditions are cruel incubators for the transmission of disease and the evolution of more virulent pathogens.”

Health experts have warned that in wet markets, where a mix of species are often cramped in unhygenic conditions remain a huge concern as the unsanitary conditions can very likely create ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses.

In the 2002-2003 SARS pandemic which killed almost 800 people in the similar way the COVID-19 virus does through the respiratory system, Hong Kong scientists published research in 2007 which suggested clamping down on biosecurity in wet markets due to the likelihood of future diseases and viruses spreading globally.

There is rising global outcry to shut down wildlife wet markets more than ever due to the overwhelming evidence of the threat they pose to human health. The Wildlife trade is also directly responsible for the destruction and cruelty inflicted on exotic animals who are killed and sold for their meat and body parts.

Animal rights organisation PETA has gained 140,870 supporters who have taken action and signed their Petition to help shut down live animal wet markets around the globe.

13 thoughts on “‘Horrific’ Wet Markets Trading in Wild Animals despite Warning

  1. Evil bastard’s we. Should do that to them it’s heart breaking God is watching wait karma is going there way

  2. These people after heart less and irresponsible. How can they continue doing this after so many lives were lost around the world because of this.

    1. Verbotsgesetz der tierquälerische Märkte von Katzen und Hunden und Wildtieren in China und überall. Ursache des Chinavirus. Die Seuche kann erneut erscheinen. Überall. Amerika, Dr.Fauci, Sen.Lindsay, Lara Trump, die EU und Südostasien müssen das verbieten und Tierquälerei und England Boris Johnson

  3. These ‘nations’ are not of this earth and need to be removed from the globe quickly and efficiently.

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