Heartbreaking Moment Dog Realises He’s Been Abandoned By Cruel Owner

The Boxer breed dog was left chained alone to a lamp post

Heartbreaking images have surfaced showing a white boxer breed dog looking Scared and sad after being found chained to a lamppost on the side of the road.

It is believed the animal was abandoned for hours, while the owner never returned.

A Local resident, Graham Dobson, 43, found the dog and was told it had been sitting on its own for more than an hour by a store clerk.

The boxer is now in the care of Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue who have named him Max and are looking for a permanent home for the dog.


 ” It was heartbreaking to see he had been left and how upset he was, as he was a real nice dog and so friendly, just really scared.” — Mr. Dobson.

‘I came to work in the morning and found the dog tied up on the main road looking sad and scared.

‘I got told by other people that he’d been tied up for more than an hour, and I fed and watered him as he’d been left with nothing and then called the dog warden to pick him up.’ 

Mr Dobson said he could not fathom how someone could be so callous, leaving the pup to wonder when his owner would be coming back.

We all hope Max is adopted and lives happily in a new forever home.

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  1. How anyone could do this to a trusting defenseless animal if I caught them they would be hanging by the neck from the light post with their internal organs hanging out absolute scum of society and I hope they a long painfull death is too good for them

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