Man confirmed Dead After Minneapolis Cop Kneeled on his Neck While Handcuffed

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WARNING: Distressing Content

A Black man pleaded for His life while handcuffed ‘Please, I can’t breathe’ as A Minneapolis Police officer kneeled on his neck For almost Seven-Minutes is confirmed dead

Distressing footage posted online has shocked and enraged viewers as it shows the arrest of a handcuffed Black Male screaming in agony and pain as he is on the ground face down with the officers knee Pinned against his neck, subsequently restricting airflow to the mans brain and leading to a loss of consciousness moments before his death.

George Floyd could be heard repeatedly saying “Please, I can’t breathe” before passing out. Later that night the Minneapolis police department confirmed Floyd had died after ‘Suffering medical distress’.

The footage, which is too disturbing for us to show, was taken by a bystander in south Minneapolis on Monday, and has now sparked an FBI investigation into the man’s death.  

Floyd, matching the suspects Description for a ‘Forgery in progress was sitting in his car at the time officers approached.

‘He was ordered to step from his car. After he got out, he physically resisted officers,’ police spokesman John Elder said in a statement. 

‘Officers were able to get the suspect into handcuffs and noted he appeared to be suffering medical distress.’ Elder further stated.

In the video shared online Floyd can be heard saying;

‘Please. Please, I can’t breathe,’ while shirtless and pinned down.

‘My stomach hurts. My neck hurts. Everything hurts.’ 

The officer can still be seen with his knee pinned down on Floyds neck as on Shocked witnesses begin arguing with the arresting officers over their excessive use of force on someone who is already handcuffed and on the ground.

‘Bro, you’ve got him down at least let him breathe, man,’ one man says.  

‘He’s not even resisting arrest … he’s human, bro.’ 

One of the officers then replies: ‘This is why you don’t do drugs, kids.’

‘This ain’t about drugs, bro! He’s human,’ the bystander says.

‘You’re enjoying it. Look at you. Your body language, you bum. You know that’s bogus right now,’ he adds. 

At which point the man loses consciousness and an ambulance arrives with and the mans limp body is loaded into the back.

‘You just really killed that man, bro,’ the bystander yells out.