Extremely Rare Albino orangutan Photographed in Borneo wilderness

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Wildlife experts were in awe and amazement when they spotted an extremely rare Albino orangutan in the rainforests of borneo.

Meet Alba, The only known living orangutan with albinism in the world – making her a rare sight to see. After being released into the rainforests of Borneo in 2018 Alba appears to be living a happy and healthy life with fellow orangutans.

Wildlife experts observing another orangutan named Unyu, who was also rehabilitated and released spotted the rare albino orangutan and were able to make several observations regarding the rare great ape including its social nature with the other orangutans.

“While monitoring Unyu, one of newly released orangutans, the team looked on as he encountered Alba, the only albino orangutan known to man”

Alba, who until the age of five was kept chained up and caged as a pet was rescued after a tip of was made to the BOS Foundation by concerned locals. The Albino orang-utan was later rehabilitated for over 21 months before being released into Borneos rainforest where she lives happily today.

Wildlife experts were concerned for the orangutans well being in the wild primarily due to its unique features and there were fears she would be targeted by wildlife traffickers.

A young Alba enjoying a fruit snack while in rehabilitation

Today there are an estimated 107,000 orangutans living in the rainforests of Borneo according to the WWF (World Wildlife Fund).

Orangutans play a vital role in the environment as they are hugely responsible for much of the plant life when they act as seed dispersers. Not only is this important for their environment but it is also important for their survival as orangutans diets rely heavily on plants.

With their numbers on a decline, orangutans in borneo continue to face many struggles when their habitat is destroyed for palm crop plantations which forces them out into other agricultural areas where they are hunted for destroying crops.

The orangutan Project works closely with orphaned orangutans who have become victims of habitat loss and have an adoption program for orangutans.

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  1. The person who took the picture should participate in the contest for photographers in the wild. It is a beautiful picture. ❤️
    – national wildlife magazine

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