Australia Has Been Revealed As The Safest Country In The World For Women

Australia has been ranked As the safest country in the world for Women for the second year running.

Its no surprise that the country with The Most Livable cities in the world also happens to be the safest country in the world for Women, for a second year running.

The list was compiled from data through consultancy New World Health, evaluated major European cities such as London and Paris which showed the cities had become less safe for women over the recorded past years.

Safety of Females is amongst the best ways to determine a countrys long term economic growth potential, the report claims.

“This means that wealh growth is boosted by strong levels of Woman safety in a country, the report said.

The report also stated that Australia had arguable the worlds leading economy pet capita and that the Countries safe status had further encouraged the wealth growth.

Australia is renowned around the worth for its natural wonders, Beaches and leads the world as the most highly urbanised.

The countries which remain at the top according to the data are Australia, Malta, Iceland, New Zealand and Canada.

The report also noted that Out of the 195 countries only 58 had reasonable crime statistics.

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